About Us

IMS event specialists offers a full repertoire of services to provide an end-to-end and cost effective solution for all your event, conferencing and function related requirements.

We take pride in our longstanding and loyal relationships with our clients, as a direct result of our thorough, professional and ethical approach. We pride ourselves in consistent service delivery, unfailing passion and the tireless energy we devote to every little detail of each and every event. Over the years we have developed systems to ensure that we control every process diligently, deliver on budget and on time and that the event unfolds exactly as planned. Initiating new and fresh ideas while connecting industry related people with one another is our mission.

We firmly believe that every project is different and we take the time to understand our clients specific requirements. No matter how small or big – weather you plan a function, tour, concert or conference – we will help you make it happen!


The Team 

The IMS Events team are experienced, knowledgeable and love what they do! We realise that every project is different and therefore take time to understand our client’s exact needs and requirements while attending to every little detail. Our team of gifted and talented professionals will leave no stone unturned to make sure your event will be a roaring success.


Founding Members



We are experienced, knowledgeable and love what we do! We realise that every project is different and therefore take time to understand our client’s exact needs and requirements while attending to every little detail.



Creative Team

lisa-rondchrisna-rondOur professional creative design team works closely with programme managers to produce high quality work. We offer the complete creative design service – from creating the perfect look and feel, to building a website, sending out e-mail campaigns, attend to social media feeds and design the necessary function material. Working with our in-house team in coordination with the project managers will maximise returns while minimising your investment, saving our clients time and money.


Online Marketing

As a bonus service, we provide our clients with a platform to sell their products online through www.osomooi.com. Many of these products can only be found at OsoMooi.com. This unique online shop is completely different to any other online shop as each parcel is carefully wrapped as a gift. So every time you order something from www.osomooi.com – expect to be mesmerised by the joy of receiving a gifted surprise – and therefore the ideal way to treat you loved ones. The perfect cost effective way of distributing our clients unique products and in the same time provide a solution to sending a loved one the perfect gift!



IMS provides/offer a career training internship for college students and recent graduates. If you would like to apply for an internship with IMS events, please submit a one-page career overview along with a paragraph explaining why you have chosen IMS Events and why you would be an asset to our consultancy. These opportunities are designed to expand horizons and get students job-ready.  They develop real-world skills, build professional network and fast-track careers.