Tours and Excursions

Tours and Excursions form an integral part of IMS Events’ repertoire. We offer assistance to outbound tour operators as well as inbound event relevant excursions, in and around the Western Cape.

Inbound Tours in the Western Cape

Most events require certain land arrangements. Whether accommodation, transport add on excursions or day tours, we are well connected with registered tour guides and local operators enabling us to assist our clients with these extra, but important aspects.

The Western Cape is a province of extraordinary diversity and with its numerous attractions and famous landmarks, offers numerous day tour and sightseeing opportunities. Being situated in Stellenbosch, we are well centred and able to facilitate all your travel needs.

All excursions are always tailor-made so whether you are a seasoned traveller to South Africa or visiting for the first time, enjoy the Western Cape with the security, convenience and knowledge that these IMS events offers personal attention and the experience and knowledge of the region that only a native can offer.

Outbound Tours

Working closely with TIB Tours, an outbound tour operating company specialising in Bible land tours and pilgrimages, IMS events manages all the marketing aspects, social network management, brand awareness and marketing campaigns. We have a dedicated team working on itineraries, tour bookings and handling all correspondence between tour members and the tour organisers.
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